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“Aliza has a passion for creating and cultivating communities online and translating them into reality. Her love of food and beverage is evident in each post, and she has her finger on the pulse of the latest trends in growing networks. Aliza is an inspired pioneer in this new aspect of modern day hospitality.”

Suzanne Goin,  Chef/Owner Lucques, a.o.c.Tavern and Larder Baking Co.

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“It’s a noisy world these days. So many choices, so much marketing-speak. It’s no longer enough to churn-out a fabulous product and hope. You need to go where your audience is. You need to talk their talk. Aliza understands this. But just as important: she loves food. That’s the difference maker. And you can feel it – and see it – in every one of her delicious posts.”

Michael Palmer, Owner McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams




“Aliza worked with Zoe and I when we were planning the social media for the Huckleberry cookbook and it was really helpful. We were social media clutzes and she helped us make it an easy and helpful process. She also helped set up the social media accounts for our restaurants which was really valuable. She has a passion for this really important part of modern day marketing as well as the food and restaurants that she works with.”

Josh Loeb, Owner of Huckleberry, Rustic Canyon Seasonal Wine Bar and Kitchen, Sweet Rose CreameryMilo & Olive, Ester’s Wine Shop & Bar and Cassia  . Author of The Huckleberry Cookbook.

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“Aliza is not only a wonderful chef but a gem to work with. Her recipes are always excellent, her energy is bright and she always promotes the work we do together with great enthusiasm. We at LEAFtv are proud to call her one of our experts.”

Geri Hirsch, Founder of Because I’m Addicted and LEAFtv

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